What we do

We take good quality fresh ingredients and with passion and great care create authentic Spanish and Greek Cypriot Dishes for your enjoyment.

Authenticity or Auténtico and attention to detail is what we pride ourselves in. Even the cooking implements we use, such as the Paellera (paella pans) and the Paellero (cooking ring) are sourced directly from Spain.

All of our rice, an important ingredient in a paella, is sourced and shipped from Spain along with the all the spices such as the saffron and the paprika. In fact, the only ingredients not sourced from Spain are the fresh ingredients bought locally.

Sofrito is the base sauce that makes a truly good Paella. Many stall based Paella cooks prepare their Sofrito by adding one ingredient after the other straight in to the pan. Whilst we feel it sometimes works, a quick fix does not compare to a Sofrito that has been carefully and thoughtfully prepared. We are not going to give away Grandma Maria’s recipe so easily but it is safe to say that it takes us a couple of hours to prepare our Sofrito. The results can be tasted and seen in the reviews we have received.

So what’s the difference between Greek and Greek Cypriot Food?

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Cypriot cuisine is closely related to Greek and Middle Eastern cuisines; it is enriched by
Byzantine, French, Italian, Catalan and Ottoman influences.

It is more varied than simply Greek cuisine. Some of the spices and herbs commonly used in
Cypriot cooking include parsley, mint, cinnamon, fresh coriander, thyme, and oregano.
Traditionally, cumin and coriander seeds make up the main cooking aromas of the island.

We can bring all of this to you in various ways

We will deliver directly to your guests at the dining table or to your garden party our carefully crafted and prepared dishes.

We will deliver to your office or chosen location our carefully crafted and prepared dishes, taking care of every detail from napkins to cutlery and plates, leaving you free to focus on business.

We will cook and prepare some of our signature dishes on site at your chosen location as your guests excitedly watch.

Instead of always settling for the usual types of take aways try our piping hot freshly cooked paella or BBQ. We will deliver come rain, shine or snow and will return the following day to collect the pan.

If you are keen to learn how to cook an authentic Paella, then look no further!

We would love to share with you the art of Paella Cooking.  Contact us for a One-on-One Paella Cookery Experience.

Paella Tuition £100

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company in the UK that
offers this service.

Minimum numbers apply.

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